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Within the frame of the BIA2013-43085 project "Prediction, experimental meassurement and assesment of train induced vibration and other dynamic loads. Mitigation systems", the Structural Analysis Group of Universidad de Sevilla has a vacancy for a FULL-TIME PREDOCTORAL SCIENTIFIC RESEARCHER (FPI grant).

The Structural Analysis Group of Universidad de Sevilla performs research in structural dynamics with a wide range of applications including vibrations in buildings due to traffic, vibration-based structural health monitoring and vehicle-bridge interaction. In order to analyze and predict the structural behaviour under these dynamic actions, numerical models are developed.

The Structural Analysis Group of Universidad de Sevilla is currently looking for a predoctoral scientific researcher to improve a methodology for the analysis of vibrations induced by high-speed train passage as well as methods for the reduction of the induced vibrations in nearby structures. Practical recommendations for the design of these structures will be obtained from this methodology. The project includes a significant experimental work for the validation of the numerical approaches. Experimental measurements from existing high speed railways and numerical results will be compared for that purpose. The main objectives of the project can be briefly described as follows:

1.- Improvement of a numerical model to predict induced vibrations by train passage. The model is based on the three dimensional time domain formulations of the Boundary Elements Method (BEM) and the Finite Element Method (FEM). The improvements are related with a fundamental solution for viscoelastic layered half-space to study actual soils, and to enhance the computational requirements.

2.- A methodology to assess the high variability of soil vibration predictions due to the load models will be studied.

3.- Assessment of building vibrations due to train passage according to different standards. The analysis includes the design of mitigation measures (isolation mats, trenches, etc.).

4.- Study of noise induced by railway traffic.

The Structural Analysis Group is looking for a candidate with a degree in Mechanical or Civil Engineering and a background in computational mechanics and structural dynamics for a FPI grant

Interested persons are invited to send an email to Pedro Galvín ( and Antonio Romero ( Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness of Spain will open the application for proposals the next September

Application deadlines: 10/09/2014 – 26/09/2014